The water levels are dropping

Perhaps Mardale might re-emerge later on this summer?


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  1. Hi Andrew

    I have also been studdy the area myself and know John quite well through exchange of information on Mardale.
    For an up to date view of the water level have a look at this video taken by Eden Valley Drones which is up to date, since this video the water has only dropped a further two feet.

    1. Thanks Davy, we have just set up this website, we will do a links page and then we can put in interesting links like your video. Any other comments or suggestions are very welcome!

  2. Just recieved my brand new copy of Mardale Mysteries, this is the most detailed I have read before written on the valley, there are lots of period pictures showing the entire valley, a rivetting read, well worth every penny, the lost valley is no longer a mystery to me, it is all in here.

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